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Current Florida Keys Fishing Event

Jan. 1, 2018 – Aug. 31, 2018 Key West Fishing Tournament  Doris Harris 305-923-5934 Email Website    More than 40 species of fish are targeted during these months, with divisions for men, women, junior anglers (ages 10 to 14) and Pee Wees (under 10 years old). The Key West Fishing Tournament strongly encourages the release of game fish. All participating anglers receive certificates noting their catches and qualify for a variety of prizes.



When to come Fish the florida keys, The fishing seasons Calendar
Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Florida Keys Fishing Seasons

Comprehensive description of fishing seasons here in the Florida Keys and Key West including the Marquesas Keys and The Dry Tortugas.

Listed Below you will find the species of fish from the Florida Keys and Key West. Also details written about the different seasons to go fishing for them in a selected area with links that take you to that fishery within this web site to find a fishing guide to take you to them.

Check These Out

The Key West Fishing Report – Sponsored by Dream Catcher Charters a monthly report that talks about inshore, flats and offshore fishing in Key West, Florida. Up to the minute Twitter feed also.

The Florida Keys Fishing Report – Sponsored by Fishing Florida Keys and the fishing guides listed here. All encompassing fishing report dedicated to the Florida Keys and Key West.

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More about Fishing Seasons

Undoubtedly there is always great fishing in the Florida Keys year round. There are really no exceptions if you come here to just catch fish. Many anglers do just that. They happen to be in the Florida Keys and Key West for business or spontaneous vacation and next thing they know, out on the water with one of our professional fishing guides fishing and do very well year round.

Florida Keys Fishing seasons relate to the time certain species of fish move through the Florida Keys or they feed better than other times or they are found in certain areas better than others.

Different types of fishing have their best times of the year but again can be found good all year round if the weather is right for it. So lets dig in here and discover exactly “when” to be here for “what” you want to fish for or “what” fish will be here “when” you will be able to fish for them..

Main Fishing Seasons Descriptions

Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Season – April through June is the traditional “migration” of tarpon through the Florida Keys and Key West. Throughout the Florida Keys there are resident and climate friendly fish that hang around, come and go with the weather. From January through April Larger Gulf fish come in to feed during the warming trends between cold fronts. Our tarpon fishing guides can point you in the right direction for the area you would like to fish.

Key West Tarpon Season – an in depth look at tarpon fishing year round in Key West.

Florida Keys Sailfish Season – While sailfish are caught here year round, the peak of the sailfish season is generally in April and May. During the winter between January and March the cold fronts will peak a good sailfish bite along the reef with some stiff winds out of the North East and East. Fishing guides that offer deep sea fishing, and reef fishing are the ones to get with to hit these optimal times.

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