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Last Week We Brought You Cheap Eats From TripAdvisor. This Week For The Gourmand in You…

Only the Best Food Choices are good enough…..

We looked at the Forbes Travel Guide to the Florida Keys to set us on our path to the best “food” choices in the Keys…

What are the best Florida Keys food experiences?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Stephanie Goldberg Glazer

Loads of fresh seafood and key lime pie — prepare to eat some good grub in the Florida Keys. Here’s a list of the area’s quintessential food experiences:

1. Key Lime Pie. Every restaurant claims to have the best key lime pie. The only way to really find out is to taste them all yourself. Go on a key lime crawl to find your personal favorite.

2. Lobster Reuben. Keys Fisheries in Marathon is famous for their lobster Reuben. They even run a contest to guess how many they have sold. Guess high – they are busier than they seem.

3. Hogfish. You must try hogfish while you are in the Keys. It is a delicate, local fish with a lot of flavor. One of the best places to have it in a sandwich is at Hogfish Bar and Grill (6810 Front Street, Stock Island) just north of Key West.

4. Smoked fish dip. Eaton Street Seafood Market in Key West has the best – not too creamy and loaded with fresh fish.

5. Stone crab. The season runs from October 15 through May 15, so if someone is trying to sell you these delicacies during the summer, don’t bite. Stone crab claws are harvested from the live crab; once removed the crab is returned to the water (where the claws grow back). Claws are usually served with a mustard dipping sauce.

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