More on What the Locals Do in the Keys with KeysCaribbean Luxury Resorts Villas & Marinas!

More on What the Locals Do in the Keys!!!

Stay with KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas in every part of the Keys……

The Upper Keys:

In Key Largo and Islamorada, KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort & Marinas has two exclusive locations, Mariners Resort Villas & Marina and the Historic Tavernier Inn The Middle Keys

Become a Lionfish Hunter

For some local scuba divers and spearfishermen, capturing lionfish during recreational scuba dives and weekend free-dive fishing jaunts is a regular activity, and helps preserve Florida Keys habitats and eco-systems. Read More »

The Middle Keys:

In the Middle Keys,  KeysCaribbean Luxury Resorts & Marinas has the Village at Hawks Cay Villas on Duck Key, Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina and the Coral Lagoon Resort Villas &Marinas

Captains Teach

The experienced offshore charter captains and backcountry guides of the Florida Keys are experts on fish behavior, fishing techniques and local waters — and wise anglers pay close attention to their insights and tips. Read More »


The Lower Keys:

In the Lower Keys, Keys, KeysCaribbean Luxury Resorts & Marinas has the Coral Hammock Resort Villas and Kings Point Marina…vacation rentals

So You Think You’ve Seen the Keys? Think Again!

There’s more to the Florida Keys than meets the eye, yet travelers often visit once and think they’ve seen it all. With so many hidden gems and colorful locales, even frequent visitors can enjoy new experiences each time they return to the island chain. Read More »

Meet the Locals

People who live in the Florida Keys, with their funky hotspots, close-to-nature lifestyle and lively arts community, do so because they choose to embrace the Keys’ offbeat, easygoing vibe and make it their own. Click here to meet some of the quirky, creative and genuinely friendly residents of the laid-back island chain.


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