What “Locals” do in the Florida Keys with KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas!

What the “Locals” do in the Florida Keys…

Two days after arriving in the Florida Keys, as I strolled along the Gulf of Mexico shore, the realization hit me: I had found my home. This crescent of subtropical islands, where blue-green water unrolled to the horizon and palm trees rustled in the balmy February breeze, was where I belonged forever.

Unlikely? Not really. That sense of absolute belonging has turned scores of casual Keys visitors into longtime “locals” who create satisfying lives close to nature and far from the mundane pressures of the “real world.”

Surprisingly, you don’t have to be a local to share some of the elements that make Keys life so happily addictive — as long as you’re willing to explore, experience and embrace the unexpected people, places and moments you encounter. Read More »

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The Upper Keys:

In Key Largo and Islamorada, KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort & Marinas has two exclusive locations, Mariners Resort Villas & Marina and the Historic Tavernier Inn

Out-of-the-Way Attractions

Sometimes the Florida Keys’ hidden treasures and colorful locales can be eclipsed by better-known spots. For a unique and enriching Keys vacation, explore intriguing attractions away from the mainstream haunts — whether secluded natural areas, historic spots or unexpected emporiums. Read More »


The Middle Keys

In the Middle Keys,  KeysCaribbean Luxury Resorts & Marinas has the Village at Hawks Cay Villas on Duck Key, Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina and the Coral Lagoon Resort Villas &Marinas

Top 10 List: Live Like a Local

Why is the Florida Keys island chain so enchanting, and what activities do Keys residents appreciate and embrace? Hear it straight from the locals’ mouths. Read More »

The Lower Keys:

In the Lower Keys, Keys, KeysCaribbean Luxury Resorts & Marinas has the Coral Hammock Resort Villas and Kings Point Marina…vacation rentals

The Keys Can’t-Miss List

Let’s imagine you’ve got only two or three days to explore the entire Florida Keys (which would clearly be a planning mistake, since the island chain’s five diverse regions should be explored at a leisurely pace). Read More »

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