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 Where to Go for your Winter Escape: Key West or Key Largo?

Wintertime is quickly approaching. Chilly temperatures, miserable weather, and ugly, grey days with diminishing daylight just have a way of lowering your spirits. If you’re looking to cure those winter blues, a warm and sunny getaway to the Florida Keys may be just what the doctor ordered. The Florida Keys are famous for their beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and delicious food, and two of the most popular islands in the chain are Key West and Key Largo. Although both islands are undoubtedly beautiful, first consider what you’re looking for in a winter getaway to help you choose your ideal vacation spot.

Key West

If you’re looking for a more urban experience, then Key West is the place for you. Located in the southern Florida Keys, Key West is packed with great shopping options, trendy restaurants, and lively bars. There are tons of entertainment options offered by local clubs and venues, plus you can find any type of local, exotic, and Caribbean-inspired cuisine you might be interested in. You can generally walk the entire island on foot, which is convenient for travelers looking to explore amongst the infamous wild chickens roaming the island! Although it’s a bit pricier in comparison to some of the others, Key West also offers more in the way of luxury accommodations and shopping.

Key Largo

As opposed to Key West, Key Largo is larger in comparison and has much more of the laid-back island vibe. If you’re looking to kick back with a fruity drink and simply waste some time watching clouds float by, Key Largo is right up your alley. Located in the northern part of the Keys, Key Largo offers great opportunities for fishing and diving, and since it’s in close proximity to the Everglades, the island attracts a fair share of eco-tourists.  Much less busy than its cousin, Key Largo has more “mom and pop” restaurants and quiet, tucked-away accommodations. There are still plenty of tasty dining options and it goes without saying that you’ll be required to enjoy a piece of authentic Key Lime pie, which is surprisingly yellow when compared to less authentic versions.

The great thing about Key West and Key Largo is how easy it is to travel between the two. Consider spending a few days in Key West to enjoy the fabulous shopping and nightlife and then head over to Key Largo to rest up and recuperate. There are numerous shuttles between the two spots, as well as plenty of rental cars available if you want to chauffeur yourself. Many people fly into Miami and then drive themselves to the keys or take a charter flight into the few smaller airports farther in the Keys. Regardless of the location you choose or how you get there, the Florida Keys can provide a much needed boost of fun, sun, and swimsuit time to help you get through the dreary winter months.

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